Iowa Wages, 1979-2011

This graph shows the trend in Iowa wages since 1979. The wages are filtered by sex, and by percentile. All wages are expressed in real (inflation adjusted) dollars. The median (50th percentile) wage is the point at which half of workers make more, and half make less; at the low-wage 10th percentile, 90 percent of workers make more, and 10 percent of workers make less. The menus allow you to make a single choice (i.e, women at the 40th percentile), but you can toggle back and forth to compare one percentile to the next, or men to women. The year slider at the bottom allows you to choose a different range of years. The wage at the first and last year are labeled, and the trend is shown by the red dotted line. No real surprises here. Almost all of the wage growth is in the higher percentiles. The trends for men are especially dismal: only at the 80th and 90th percentiles are men’s 2011 wages higher than they were in 1979.

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