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The Spread of Right to Work, 1943-2014

Interactive map of Right-To-Work adoption. From “The Union Difference: Labor and American Inequality,” Dissent (March 2014) Learn About Tableau

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State of the Unions

cross-posted from Dissent It hasn’t been a good year for American organized labor. Last week, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released its annual estimate of union membership in the United States. The graphic below summarizes the major trends, drawing on the work … Continue reading

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The Geography of Inequality

Income inequality varies starkly by place. This is especially true (and damaging) at the metropolitan scale, where segregation by income–the isolation of both the poor and the rich–is deepening. In 1970 only 15 percent of American families lived in neighborhoods … Continue reading

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Metroland, Middletown, and Lowroadistan: Low Wage Workers by State

This graph builds on the work (and data) of Rebecca Thiess, The Future of Work: Trends and Challenges for Low-Wage Workers (EPI, April 2012), whose Table 2 (reworked here) breaks down each state’s workforce into shares based on multiples of … Continue reading

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Right to Work: A Short History

Short, narrated primer on Right to Work history Map data from legislative histories; images from various archival sources.

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