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The Decline of Job-Based Health Care

One of the central features of health reform since the 1970s–including the Affordable Care Act–has been its reliance on a foundation of job-based coverage.  But that foundation is crumbling, undermined by both the growing costs of health care (to workers … Continue reading

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Iowa Wages, 1979-2011

This graph shows the trend in Iowa wages since 1979. The wages are filtered by sex, and by percentile. All wages are expressed in real (inflation adjusted) dollars. The median (50th percentile) wage is the point at which half of … Continue reading

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Patterns of Unemployment by State, 1976-2012

From The Guardian’s data visualization guru Joe Mako. The Guardian’s description: This graph plots “unemployment relative to the national average for every US state between 1976 and 2012. The aptly named horizon chart represents values using both colour and dimensions. … Continue reading

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Unions and Inequality in the States, 1979-2009

An animated graph plotting income inequality and union coverage.   Union coverage rates from Barry Hirsch and David Macpherson,; Gini cooefficient for household income by state US Census Bureau for 1979-1999 and American Community Survey for 2009

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Iowa’s Postwar Recessions

Compares job gain and loss during the current (recent) recession and recovery, to the same for other postwar recessions Monthly job numbers for Iowa from The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, The Recession in Perspective

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