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What do the Rich Do?

This graph summarizes the findings of Jon Bakja and colleagues, whose 2010 paper Jobs and Income Growth of Top Earners and the Causes of Changing Income Inequality: Evidence from U.S. Tax Return Data breaks out the major occupational categories of the very … Continue reading

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The Willie Sutton* Guide to Taxes: Marginal Rates, 1913-2012

This graph traces the marginal tax rate for five income thresholds.  The background bars show the share of federal revenues derived from the individual income tax.  The pre-1942 income tax relied heavily on high earners (rates on those earning less … Continue reading

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Taxes 101: Patterns in Public Finance

A short primer on taxes, in historical and international perspective This presentation is based largely on the Demos report, Trends in Revenue and the Fiscal Condition (2010). Data on revenues (as a share of GDP and by type) is, following Demos, from … Continue reading

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