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The Jobs Report

crossposted from Dissent This month’s jobs report was widely celebrated for showing that—after adding 217,000 jobs in May 2014—the United States had finally returned to the December 2007 (pre-recession) level of employment. This is a useful comparative benchmark, underscoring the unusual depth … Continue reading

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Jobs Gained and Lost, 1995-2014

cross posted from CEPR Blog This graphic below traces almost twenty years (January 1995 to February 2014) of gains and losses in US manufacturing, finance, and public employment. Job growth (or loss) is indexed, with three choices for a base … Continue reading

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Growing Together, Growing Apart

cross-posted from EPI, Working Economics Blog The September release of the Census Bureau’s income and poverty numbers (and I link to them here only to remind us all that the federal shutdown has made the unavailable) add one more data point to … Continue reading

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crossposted from Dissent The August jobs report was unremarkable, both for the middling numbers (169,000 new jobs in August and downward revisions to the June and July reports) and for the continuation of a couple of troubling trends. Unemployment ticked down a … Continue reading

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States of Recession

cross-posted from CEPR Blog The graphic below plots monthly jobs for every state, for the last four business cycles. The lines start 3 months prior to the onset of the recessions beginning in 1981, 1990, 2001 and 2007. Job losses … Continue reading

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State of the Unions

cross-posted from Dissent It hasn’t been a good year for American organized labor. Last week, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released its annual estimate of union membership in the United States. The graphic below summarizes the major trends, drawing on the work … Continue reading

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The Good Jobs Deficit

cross posted from Dissent The recent job actions and “Black Friday” protests at Walmart underscored the dismal wages and working conditions of many of the nation’s retail workers. Walmart hasn’t staked out some low-wage, no-benefit margin of the labor market: … Continue reading

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Them’s that Got Shall Get: Trends in Income and Wealth Distribution, 1962-2010

This graph draws on the work of Edward Wolff, particularly his excellent new NBER paper, The Asset Price Meltdown and the Wealth of the Middle Class (November 2012). The most striking numbers here are the growth in inequality over time, and the … Continue reading

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Better Pizza, Bitter Politics

cross-posted from Dissent By now it’s well known that Papa John’s Pizza CEO John Schnatter is claiming—or threatening—that compliance with the Affordable Care Act would force him to reduce employee hours or raise prices. This was one of a number of … Continue reading

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What do the Rich Do?

This graph summarizes the findings of Jon Bakja and colleagues, whose 2010 paper Jobs and Income Growth of Top Earners and the Causes of Changing Income Inequality: Evidence from U.S. Tax Return Data breaks out the major occupational categories of the very … Continue reading

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